Vishwa GLASS - Perfection brilliance in reflection


    Clear Glass   Toughened Glass   Laminated Glass
Breakage pattern  

Breaks into large sharp pieces when falls in contacts with humans creates harmful injuries.


Typically breaks into small pieces, shatters & falls completely out of the glazed area.


"Shatter Proof".safest among the category the glass, holds its position even after breakage due to interlayer it remains intact till deliberately removed.

Protection to the
Coating in use of
Reflective glass



- Nil -


No protection as the coating is exposed to atmospheric conditions.


Reflective glass with coating on surface #2 or # 3 is fully protected by lamination.

Strength     Very fragile.  

About 4 times stronger than annealed glass of equal thickness.


The glass becomes impenetrable due to the presence of  inter layer & can withstand the higher wind pressure due to its flexibility.

Noise Control    Marginal.   Marginal.  

Substantial reduction in sound transmission due to the double layer of glass + resin interlayer & due to its dampening characters .the thicker the layer the better the noise control.




Aesthetic appearance is limited to color  range available in tinted glass.


Aesthetic appearance is limited to color range available in  tinted glass.


Provides a wide range of colors availability of over 10 shades. Creation of colors in combination with clear reflective glass can give new range of reflective

Flexibility of
  Can be cut even on sight.  

once toughened the . glass cannot be cut or reshaped making it very rigid .


Has the ultimate advantage of  being very flexible along with holding the safety features. can be cut to size even at the sight .

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